With stiff competition among online casinos, it is only natural to assume that the quality of their games will continue to increase with time, while the house edge will gradually go down, as every establishment seeks to maintain an adequate client base to support its operations. As such, several types of online casinos have emerged, with each category being touted to be better than the rest. The major online casino types include download, web, and live versions.

Download-based Casino

This type of online casino is precisely as its name suggests, and it perhaps deserves to be in first place on this list, because it is what started it all. A download-based casino is a gaming platform, which requires a software download for it to run on compatible devices. Download-based casinos are very common. In fact, almost every online casino has a download element, for players who wish to follow that route.

Live-based Casino

Regarding online casino experiences, live casinos have no equal. On top of winning at online games, players want to enjoy the fun atmosphere, which should be as close to the land-based casino experience as possible. No type of online establishment can offer an experience that comes close to the real experience, better than a live casino. Live casino players wager against real dealers; the games are not virtual. There is live streaming of events, meaning that the player can see the dealer reshuffle cards in real time.

Web-based Casino

This type of casino is played online using specific programs (e.g. Flash). There is absolutely no requirement to download any kind of software here. It is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for players who don’t have enough storage on their devices. Web-based establishments are so popular that you will find most of them offering the option to choose between a download and this casino type.