Gambling is divided into two broad categories: chance-based and skill-based gambling. While chance or luck plays a major role, if not all the roles, in chance-based gambling, it is a big determinant in skill-based gambling. No matter the type of gambling, the outcome of a gambling event cannot be predicted with a 100% accuracy.

Chance-based Gambling

Chance-based gambling is a type of gambling where the outcomes are randomly generated and players have no any influence on the results. Fate, chance, random number generator- whatever name you give it, they control the game. When playing chance-based games, all you need to do is place your bet and leave the rest to chance. You don’t need any strategy or skill to win your bet.

But why do gamblers like chance games? First of all, it is still possible to win big at these games. Have you not heard about the biggest casino winners who rode on chance to win at casino games? Secondly, uncertainty gives gambling its entertainment aspect. Last but not least, chance games have an element of surprise, which is actually a great feeling. Will you not be surprised if you win at a slot game or roulette? Some of the most popular chance games include casino games, such as slots machines, Sic Bo, baccarat, roulette, and bingo; and lottery games like Pacific Hold’em, keno, pull-tabs, Lotto Max, and BC/49. There are plenty of online casinos out there to choose between such as Duelz casino.

Skill-based Gambling

Skill-based gambling is a type of gambling where techniques, strategies, knowledge, and even experience play a role in the outcome of an event. However, this does not mean that chance has no role in skill-based gambling. In fact, chance still plays the biggest role- only that gamblers have control over the outcomes to a certain extent. Examples of games where gamblers can apply skill to influence the outcomes include poker, sports betting, blackjack, horse race betting, and Pai Gow.